Chapter 3: Pulled Into the Modern World

Five months after uploading Chapter 1, the third chapter of my South Pacific history series has gone up on the site.  Called “Pulled Into the Modern World,” it covers the history of the region from 1781 to 1914 A.D.  Now that the Pacific Ocean has been mapped out, we see merchants and hunters come into the region to make a profit, and missionaries convert most of the native population to Christianity.  After them came the diplomats and armed forces of Europe and and the United States, to carve up the Pacific into colonies, the way the colonial powers had already partitioned Africa and much of Asia a few years earlier.  In the case of Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii, this also was a time when white immigrants colonized the land, and eventually displaced the natives.  Finally at the end of this period, we see Australia and New Zealand become independent members of the British Commonwealth, the first step toward the creation of independent nations elsewhere in this region.

I must admit that once I threw in what I found from my research, this chapter grew to be much larger than I expected.  I didn’t realize until I got into the writing, how many stories needed to be told about the exploration of the Australian outback, or how long the Maori resisted the white invasion of New Zealand.  While this chapter isn’t as long as some of the chapters I wrote in the past few years, for North and South America, it is certainly longer than the first two chapters in the South Pacific series.  Those chapters I uploaded in one piece, while I divided Chapter 3 into four parts to make it easier to manage.  Therefore you now have the full story of how the Pacific islands, which had been isolated for most of history, became fully connected to the world community; except for a few spots like New Guinea, they won’t be primitive backwaters when I write about them in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

But enough talking.  Click on one of the purple links labeled Parts I through IV to read the latest addition to The Xenophile Historian’s story of mankind:


Chapter 3: Pulled Into the Modern World

1781 to 1914
Part I

Botany Bay

Mutiny on the Bounty

New Holland Becomes Australia

The Impact of Western Contact

  The Traders and Whalers

  The Missionaries

Unrest In the Islands


  The Society Islands


Kamehameha the Great

Australia Developing

The Last of the Tasmanians

Part II

Britain Claims New Zealand

The Tahitian Kingdom

A French Foothold on New Caledonia

The Maori Wars

  The Wairau Massacre, the Bay of Islands War, and the Wellington/Whanganui Battles

  The Taranaki Wars


The Kingdom of Hawaii

  Kamehameha II

  Kamehameha III

  Kamehameha IV

  Kamehameha V

  William Lunalilo and David Kalakaua

There’s Gold Down Under . . .

. . . And in New Zealand, Too

Part III

Tonga: The Restored Monarchy

Cakobau Unites and Delivers Fiji to Britain

The Unification and Division of Samoa

Taming the Outback

  Ludwig Leichhardt

  Edmund Kennedy

  The Gregory Brothers

  The Burke and Wills Expedition

  John Stuart

  And the Rest

  The Bush Culture

Part IV

Dividing What’s Left

Hawaii, USA

America’s Imperialist Adventure

Australia: Six Colonies = One Commonwealth

New Zealand Follows a Different Drummer