The Great Pacific War


Nearly seven months after I uploaded Chapter 3 of my South Pacific history series, Chapter 4 is now up, too.  In composing this, the main issue was that since we only have 102 years to cover to get to the present (1914-), should it all be done in one chapter?  At first I thought so, but then this month it occurred to me that the part dealing with World War I & II in the South Pacific can stand by itself, and I am keeping you from seeing it if I wait until the postwar material is done before uploading everything.  Thus, the narrative now has Chapter 4 for the period between 1914 and 1945, and a future Chapter 5 will go from 1945 to the present.  Here is how the chapter is organized, and I hope you like it:

Chapter 4: The Great Pacific War

1914 to 1945
Part I

World War I: The Prologue

The Pacific Islands in the Interwar Period

The Interwar Years: Australia

The Cactus War and the Emu War

New Zealand: Between Liberal and Labour

"Under A Jarvis Moon"

The Flight of Amelia Earhart

Part II

The Pacific War Begins

From Pearl Harbor to the Coral Sea

The Battle of Midway: The Tide Turns

The New Guinea Campaign, Part 1


The New Guinea Campaign, Part 2

Climbing the Solomon Islands, and Part 3 of the New Guinea Campaign

The Pacific Drive

The Last Carrier vs. Carrier Battle

The End of the War is in Sight