Episode 61: Who Killed the King of Siam?



I hope you had a good time with the special person in your life on Valentines Day — because that was yesterday.  Now it is time to listen to the latest episode of the podcast!  Today we look at Thailand between 1945 and 1957, as the Unconquered Kingdom seeks its place in the postwar, post-colonial world.  Also, we learn of the unsolved mystery around the assassination of King Rama VIII.


Episode 60: The Indonesian War of Independence



Later this weekend, we will have the third largest religious holiday in America, after Christmas and Easter.  Yes, I am talking about Superbowl Sunday.  So don’t wait, the latest episode is available now!  This episode begins our look at the conflicts in Southeast Asia during the Cold War era, by covering Indonesia’s struggle for independence, from 1945 to 1949.


Episode 59: Nationalism Triumphant


Here is the first podcast episode for 2019.  New years mean new beginnings, and because the previous episode finished what this podcast had to say about World War II, we will be making a new beginning here.  This episode is an introduction to the events that happened between 1945 and 1990, a time called both the Cold War era and the Age of Nationalism.


Episode 57: Talking With Two Guys in Singapore



Today we take a break from the narrative, because I have been interviewed again.  This time it was done by the two hosts of a new Singapore-based podcast, called "We Don’t Mean to Dwell, But . . ."


And here’s a link to the podcast that did the interview.  Listen and enjoy!


Episode 56: The Forgotten War in Burma, Part 4




With this episode we finish the podcast narrative about World War II in Burma, or as we now call it, Myanmar.  Here the British and the Japanese fight for the city of Rangoon, modern-day Yangon.  In the middle of the battle the rainy season begins, which forces both sides to call a halt to most of the fighting.  But in 1945, the war will end before the rainy season does.


Episode 55: The Forgotten War in Burma, Part 3



Today we return to Burma, now called Myanmar, to hear about the efforts of the Allies, especially the British, to take back this land during World War II.  We will concentrate our attention on the battles fought here from August 1944 to March 1945.  Also, the Ledo Road will be finished, and the Burma Road will be recovered.