Looks Like We’ll Have to Rename New Zealand “Middle Earth”

Boy, filming J. R. R. Tolkien’s stories in New Zealand is the best thing to happen to that country in many years.  Now that “The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey” will be hitting the theaters in a month and a half, the hype is building up over there.  A few days ago, I saw this picture of a giant Gollum sculpture in Wellington’s airport.  It reminded me of my trip to Egypt in 1979; the terminal of Cairo’s airport was decorated with a giant relief sculpture of Ramses II and the goddess Hathor.


Now Air New Zealand has gotten in on the act.  Two years ago (October 1, 2010), I posted a video of dancing flight attendants on Cebu Pacific, a Philippine airline.  Now for the required flight safety instruction, Air New Zealand has elves, dwarves, wizards, rangers and hobbits telling you what you need to know.  Even Peter Jackson pops in for a cameo appearance.  I say “pop in” because he finds a neat way to get past the hassle of airline security, LOL.

Happy Reformation Day!

You may call this Halloween, but it was also on this day that Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses on the door of his church in Wittenberg, thereby starting the Reformation.  He couldn’t have timed it better.  The next day was All Saint’s Day, always a busy day for church services, so he knew a lot of visitors would come and see what he wrote.  Word of that quickly spread across Europe, and the rest, as we say, is history.

How LegalShield Works

Over the weekend I created and uploaded a new page, having to do with my LegalShield business.  Because I now have more than one webpage promoting LegalShield, each on a different site, this one will be a hub or launching pad to the rest.  Click here to see it in the original location, or just read on below:

How LegalShield Works

On other pages I have explained what LegalShield is all about. For a small monthly fee, you get access to a law firm, the same kind of access that only the rich could afford in the past. The provider law firm can help you with reviewing contracts, getting your will made/updated, traffic tickets, representation in court, tax audits and much more. In most places where our service is available, the fee is $17 to $26, which works out to just 57¢ – 87¢ a day. Heck, I spend more than that on coffee, and I’m not talking about Starbucks coffee!

So what kind of lawyer can you get for less than a dollar a day? I’ve heard the jokes. Did the lawyer pass the bar? Was he behind bars? Did he spent too much time at the bar? All of the law firms we use have been given an AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell, meaning they are some of the best lawyers in the country. For Kentucky and Indiana we use the firm O’Koon Hintermeister, PLLC, which is rated 4.7 (5.0 is the best possible score). Rest assured, with these firms you are in the best possible hands. You could also say LegalShield sells peace of mind, because I always have peace of mind after using the service. You can’t put a price tag on that!

Because everyone using the service is making a regular contribution, those small amounts add up to six or even seven figures a month. This changes the lawyer’s attitude in your favor. He won’t demand a large sum of money up front before deciding if he will handle your case, nor will he try to squeeze as much as he can out of you by charging for additional hours. Instead, in most cases he is paid all he going to get in advance, so he is motivated to get the job done right the first time. And because of the amount the firm is paid, you automatically become their most important client!

This picture shows how the service works:

the LegalShield network

What the picture does not show is that we also provide identity theft protection and restoration. Identity theft has been called “the silent crime,” because weeks, even months can go by before you realize you are a victim. It is also the fastest growing white-collar crime, because anyone with a computer and skill at hacking can do it. They don’t even have to leave home; like a blogger, the thief can work in his pajamas, with a doughnut in one hand.

the silent crime in action

Moreover, only a small percentage of the crooks get caught, and the police don’t always know what to do when they catch one. Therefore it is not an issue of if you will become a victim of identity theft, but when. It happened to me in December 2011, when somebody got hold of my debit card number, but with a little help from our service, I got my money back in two weeks. In fact, I was more concerned about getting a new debit card than I was about the money.

For identity theft cases, LegalShield has partnered with Kroll, one of the world’s leading risk management agencies. Many of Kroll’s caseworkers used to work for the government, as former FBI and CIA agents; I like to call them the “real men in black.” They will do whatever can be done to hunt down the thieves, even if they are in another country, and then do the drudge work involved with restoring your good name and credit rating. Normally Kroll works with the military and governments; only through LegalShield can individuals get Kroll.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. For an objective opinion, check out this chart from TheWholeSkinny.com, which compares the seven leading identity theft protection services. The authors of the survey concluded that LegalShield & Kroll offer the best deal. You can get identity theft protection from me for just $12.95/month by itself, or $9.95/month when combined with the basic LegalShield package.

Finally, you can make money as well as save money, by becoming an Associate like me. By the time you read this we will probably be advertising on TV throughout the United States and Canada, and when that happens, demand for our services will literally explode. 80 percent of Europe already has some kind of legal insurance; in west Germany, you can’t get a driver’s license without it. Knowing how our governments like to imitate Europe, it is only a matter of time before most North Americans will have legal insurance, too. Would you like to take advantage of that opportunity?

For more information and/or to get these services, contact me or follow the links below:

Click here to watch a more detailed video on the services.

Click here to watch a video on how to make money from the services.

Click here to get the services, and/or to become an Associate.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

What Should We Do If An Endangered Animal Eats An Endangered Plant?

Forget Abortion! NPR Promotes The ‘Rights’ and ‘Souls’ of Plants | NewsBusters.org.

Well, I saw this coming.  In the 1980s, when animal rights activists began to make news, I predicted that someday we will be hearing calls for “vegetable rights” and “mineral rights,” too (see my message from April 30, 2011).  Judging from the story in the above link, that day is here.  Here are my first thought in response to that:

1. We have been modifying plants, through natural selection, ever since agriculture was invented.  Botanists, for example, will tell you that corn plants originally came from a Mexican grass called teosinte.  That’s why I didn’t see it as anything new when some folks started protesting the genetic engineering of plants, claiming this was creating “frankenfoods.”  To me it was a continuation of a trend that has gone on for more than 5,000 years.  How can that be undone, without causing most of the human race to starve?

2. Plants are not totally helpless.  Remember the late Harry Harrison’s “Deathworld,” a science fiction story about a planet where every living thing is trying to kill humans.  That included plants and microbes as well as animals; on that planet, when weeds, thorns and poisonous vines got in your way, they grew there on purpose!  And plants are just as capable of getting out of control as animals.  Just think of tumbleweeds and mesquite in Texas, prickly pears in Australia, or water hyacinths and melaleuca in Florida.  If they are pressed hard enough, I expect they will strike back.

3.  And speaking of mineral rights, the inanimate earth can also do a number on us.  I don’t have to tell my readers how an earthquake or a volcano can ruin your day.

For those who still think man is tougher than nature, check out my essay “Nature Is a Mother.”

3 Amazing IDF Gadgets James Bond Wishes He Had

A new James Bond movie has just come out, and what do you think of when you hear about them, besides the dapper secret agent himself?  Black-hearted villains, beautiful female sidekicks, and nifty gadgets, right?  Now let’s apply that to the real-world Middle East.  Israel is surrounded by plenty of villains; fortunately they’re not as bright as Bond’s opponents (see what I wrote about that here).  Israel definitely has the women; Bar Rafaeli, Maxim Magazine’s #1 model of the year, is from Israel, and you can’t go through a group of pictures of IDF soldiers without seeing some lovely ladies.  And when it comes to gadgets, the Israelis have invented some that Agent 007 doesn’t have yet.  How about some mini-robots that can act as additional soldiers or spies?  Click on the link below for pictures and a video showing three of the latest.

3 Amazing IDF Gadgets James Bond Wishes He Had.

Another New Look for This Blog

After I posted the previous message, I checked out the themes WordPress has made available for my blog.  New ones are being added all the time, so it’s worth looking at them at least once every year.  I found one called “Quintus” that will probably be more appropriate for a blog dedicated to history; it makes the blog look like an old book.  I also noticed it uses a larger font for the text.  So here is the fourth theme I have used in the nearly six years this blog has existed; I hope you like it.

What Is It With Democrats and Sex?

For nearly forty years I have heard jokes about the Democrats being obsessed with sex, like these zingers:

“Republican couples sleep in separate beds, sometimes in separate rooms. That’s why there are more Democrats.”

“Republican boys date Democrat girls.  They plan to marry Republican girls, but they want to have a little fun first.”

And those are just the cleanest jokes; most are not fit to share in a place where kids may be reading.

The subject also comes up when a politician gets caught in a scandal.  Most Republican scandals involve money, while most Democrat scandals involve sex.  That is why I was puzzled when a Republican congressman from Florida, Mark Foley, got caught soliciting gay sex; what was he doing in a Democrat scandal?

In the past we were able to get away from the stereotype during an election, but this time it seems the Obama campaign wants to prove it is true.  Since President Obama can’t run on his record, which is appalling, and apparently he isn’t planning to do anything different over the next four years, and attacks on Mitt Romney have not worked, his campaign has resorted to trivial issues:  Birth control.  Big Bird.  Binders (for the record. I wouldn’t mind having my resume in one of Romney’s binders).  Bayonets.  Dumb things that other Republicans said.  If you ask me, it’s a sign of desperation, with the polls showing that Romney now has the momentum.

And now there’s this ad, in which an obscure actress (I hadn’t heard of her before, anyway) compares voting for Obama with having sex:


The ad may work with those young folks who voted for Obama in 2008 or who are voting for the first time now—if they aren’t too busy looking for a job.  Obviously the Democratic Party doesn’t realize that women are interested in much more than just issues involving reproduction.  No wonder the latest polls show women voters deserting to Romney in droves.

And did you notice that the ad didn’t end with the president saying, “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message?”  If he said it, you can bet he would have needed to do some explaining to Michelle, just as he must have done with the “Obama Girl” videos in 2008!

Don’t be surprised if this ad has the opposite effect from what is intended; instead of firing up the Democratic base, it will fire up undecided voters and people who don’t like Obama to vote for Romney.  On the radio yesterday, Sean Hannity even suggested that the Romney campaign could be paying for the ad!  As I like to say when the other side does something stupid:  with enemies like these, who needs friends?

From Indian Summer to a Nor’easter, and a North American History Update

For the past week the weather here has been unusually warm and dry, ten degrees above what we’re used to in October.  Yesterday, for instance, we got a high of 79, and because this is another one of those times when we don’t need the heat or air conditioning, the temperature indoors soared as high as 84.

Well, that Indian summer ended today.  As I write this, the sky is overcast, it is starting to rain, and a cold front is passing slowly east across the state.  Our attention is also being drawn to Hurricane Sandy, now that it has left Jamaica and is approaching the United States.  Yesterday the hurricane was heading due north, meaning the edge of it would scrape Florida, and the main storm would come ashore at or near New York City next Tuesday.  Today, though, it has taken on a zigzag course, allowing it to hit anything between Virginia and Connecticut.  The most interesting part is that it is expected to collide with one or two cold fronts, causing a “nor’easter” that will dump feet–not inches–of rain or snow.  Therefore it sounds like a perfect repeat of the “White Halloween” I experienced last year in Connecticut (see my messages from October 29-31, November 3, and November 6, in 2011).  Today the media also predicted more than $1 billion in damages, and power blackouts that could delay voting in some states; I hope they’re just panicky.

Meanwhile here in Kentucky, I reorganized part of my North American history project, “The Anglo-American Adventure.”  I haven’t written anything new lately; I don’t think I can properly cover the Obama administration if I write about it before it is over.  So if he is re-elected in eleven days, I might wait four years before bringing those pages up to date.

What I did was remove three sections from the end of Chapter 5, changing the cut-off date of that chapter from 2009 to 2008.  The removed sections are now Chapter 6, which I call “The USA Today (not the newspaper!).”  Whenever I write any new sections for the project, they will go in Chapter 6.  The original Chapter 6, my Canadian history chapter, was renumbered; it’s now Chapter 7.

Here are the papers I have for that project.  If you have not seen them yet, go to http://xenohistorian.faithweb.com/northam/index.html and click on the links:

Chapter 1: Native America (Before 1607)
Chapter 2: Colonial America (1607 to 1783)
Chapter 3: Pioneer America (USA 1783 to 1861, Canada 1783 to 1867)
Chapter 4: Industrial America (USA 1861 to 1933)
Chapter 5: Pax Americana (USA 1933 to 2008)
Chapter 6: The USA Today
Chapter 7: The Great White North (Canada Since 1867)
Two special pages on US presidential elections and the Black Muslims