A Cast List (for first-time visitors)

For those who just joined the narrative and want to know who are the folks I’m talking about, here’s a quick run-down, so you won’t have to read all the entries. In order of appearance:

Charles Kimball: Me, of course. People call me Scott if they know my father (his name is also Charles Kimball), or Charles if they don’t. After living for forty years in a suburb of Orlando, FL, I’m now building a new life in Lexington, KY. So far I’ve done well here, so I don’t think moving was a mistake, though a lot of my new friends think I was mad for doing it. Most of them think of Walt Disney World and say they would rather go in the opposite direction! Well, I always had to be different somehow. In January 2007 I launched this blog to promote my oldest and largest website, The Xenophile Historian, but with most of our relatives out of state, it turned out to be a good way to keep them informed of our activities, so that’s what I do most of the time.

Rather than toot my horn again, go to this page to read more about me.


Leive Kimball: My Proverbs 31 wife. Born and raised on the island of Mindanao, Leive and I were pen pals originally, until we got married in her house on November 15, 1985. Maybe someday I’ll tell that story on another page. Though we come from opposite sides of the world, we had so much in common where spiritual matters were concerned, that we might as well have belonged to the same church. You probably wouldn’t think she was from the Philippines if you met her in real life; she doesn’t have the slanted eyes so common in the Far East, she dyed her hair blonde a few years back, and she wears Israeli jewelry. On top of that, the stereotype about Asian women being meek & submissive DOES NOT apply to her. Her talents include cooking, housework, gardening, and taking care of children or the elderly; she also hosts a ladies’ prayer group in our house on Tuesday nights. She arrived in Kentucky at the beginning of winter, and found it too different from our previous home in Florida, but warmed up to the place when the weather did, and now is glad to be here.


Leive, just before she smashed my computer (see the July 1 entry).

Gene and Rezia King: Gene is the youth director at the church we now attend. Good on the drums and a knowledgeable handyman. He is also the water-balloon tossing champ, having won the contest my church has at every summertime picnic for the last three years. A graduate of Oral Roberts University, though I believe he has been in Kentucky for most of his life; the rest of his family is in the western part of the state, around Hopkinsville. Rezia (originally Rezia Bendoy) is Leive’s niece, the daughter of her eldest brother. She has an excellent musical talent, and received certification as a dentist in the Philippines. In 2000 she came to the United States, and moved in at a Bible college in San Antonio, TX, where she did so well in class that they hired her after graduation. Then for Memorial Day Weekend of 2007 she came to visit us. We introduced her to Gene, and they got along great from the start. The funniest incident came when he took her to a friend’s birthday party the next day, and neither one of them realized they had been on a date until we told them afterwards! Originally Rezia was going to stay with us for two weeks, but she ended up staying with us for two months, and then they got married in August. Now they’re living on the other side of Lexington, near the airport.


You can see some of their wedding pictures here.

Adam and Lindy Sherwood: Lindy (formerly Lindy Kimball) is our only biological child. Born and raised in central Florida, she would probably still be there if (1.) we hadn’t left, and (2.) Adam Sherwood hadn’t come along. In August 2006 they got married, so that’s why Lindy didn’t follow us to Kentucky. She spent two years in college, majoring in psychology and music, but then they decided to move to a remote part of Georgia, where Adam has friends. She takes classes online, but hasn’t graduated yet, so she only has an M.R.S. degree to this point (LOL).


Lindy & Adam

Brin-Brin: A yellow-naped Amazon parrot, and our first pet in Kentucky. Hatched in 1996, he joined the family in July 2007, when we met him at a bird show in Bardstown, KY. Originally named J.T., we renamed him after Leive’s father, Brindisi J. Bendoy, who passed away less than three weeks later. Definitely a chauvinist, Brin-Brin likes women but doesn’t like men. His favorite trick is to hang upside down by one foot and let out a horrifying scream. I guess that’s his imitation of a Democrat (the moonbat kind, as Michelle Malkin calls them). Amazons are smarter than average parrots, but he doesn’t say much, so we’re trying to teach him some more tricks; Leive sings to him, while I try getting him to say things like “pieces of eight,” since he looks like the kind of parrot you’d expect to see on a pirate’s shoulder. We also show him videos of other Amazons like these:

“Falco,” the parrot critic. Laughs sarcastically while watching an African grey parrot on Animal Planet.

Groucho, the maestro bird, also on Animal Planet.

Kukulkan, who sings and talks up a storm.


Brin-Brin on Leive’s sleeve.

(Update, January 12, 2008: Now Brin-Brin has his own YouTube video!)

The Kids: The five orphaned children of Leive’s second brother, Elmo Bendoy. I write about them often because we’re planning to adopt them, and we feel they’re the real reason why we came to Kentucky. For more about all that, read another page on this site, A Mission From God. From oldest to youngest, they are Mercy Grace (20), Melody (17), Elizabeth (14), Joshua (12) and Japhet (9). Currently it looks like we’ll get Elizabeth and the two boys for sure; Mercy Grace and Melody are now too old to adopt, but we hope to bring them to Lexington as well, so as not to break up the family.


From left to right: Joshua and Japhet are in the front row; Melody, Mercy Grace and Elizabeth are in the back row.

Alexis Laine Sherwood: Lexi for short.  Born March 23, 2010, she is Adam & Lindy’s first child, and my first grandchild.  No doubt I’ll have more to say about her as she gets older; for now she’s just a cute, healthy baby.

And here is Lexi one year later, when we found out she loves hot chicken wings!  She has a wing in her hand, and Louisiana hot sauce covering half her face.

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  1. “…so I don’t think moving was a mistake, though a lot of my new friends think I was mad for doing it.”

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