Magellan’s Not-so-excellent Adventure


You have been waiting, now here it is, Episode 13!  In this episode, a second European nation, Spain, gets involved in Southeast Asia by discovering the Philippines, a part of Southeast Asia that had not gotten much attention previously.  Then we will see Spain’s attempts to take Indonesia and its valuable spice trade from


And here is a map that explains the Portuguese-Spanish dispute in Southeast Asia.  It shows three ideas on where to put the “Tordesillas antimeridian,” the line between the Portuguese and Spanish claims.  Only the line on the right is in the correct place.  The dotted line is where Ferdinand Magellan thought the Southeast Asian mainland was.  Source:  Stalemate at Bajadoz.

The Portuguese Trailblazers


Happy New Year, and with a new year comes a new episode to the podcast.  Since the last episode finished our look at Southeast Asia during the Middle Ages, now we will meet the Portuguese, the first Europeans to reach Southeast Asia in the modern era.  For the nations of the Far East, life is about to get much more complicated!