Episode 19, The First Two Divisions of Vietnam


For the first time, I missed one of my deadlines for completing a podcast episode, due to being kept busy with various things in the real world.  However, this episode is longer than average, so I hope you will think the extra content was worth the wait.

This episode covers Vietnam in the early modern era, from 1471 to 1819.  Twice during this period, Vietnam was divided between rival factions, from 1527 to 1592, and then from 1592 to 1802.  We will also see Champa, Vietnam’s rival in Episodes 4 and 8, for the last time.  Finally, one French clergyman will invent today’s Vietnamese alphabet, and another will help Vietnam pull itself together again; that marks the beginning of French involvement in Vietnam, and we will see much more of that in future episodes.


Episode 18, Arakan and All That



No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. Episode 18 of the podcast has just gone online. However, you may find it tough to verify the accuracy of the material covered; these stories from the seventeenth century are some of the most obscure in the entire podcast series! Check the episode out, for some stories you have never heard before.