Japan Goes South



Normally I upload new episodes of my podcast on the 1st and 16th days of each month, but because February is the shortest month, I am giving you the second episode a day early.  For Episode 39 we will see how the Japanese conquered most of Indonesia, an area the Dutch had dominated for more than three centuries, in only three months.


The Battle for the Philippines, Part 1



Yesterday Dan Carlin, the "Godfather of history podcasting," presented his latest contribution, and now my latest podcast episode is available!  The podcasters I hang out with do not speak evil of each other’s work, so go ahead and plan your day around listening to Dan’s episode (I certainly will), but I will be happy if you listen to mine, too.

Episode 38 continues on the topic the podcast has been covering since the year began — World War II in Southeast Asia.  This time we will see the Japanese invasion of the Philippines begin, but it won’t finish in this episode; resistance to the Japanese is far tougher here than it was in Malaya and Singapore.  And this episode will also give the biography of the American commander, Douglas MacArthur, up to 1941, because he will be a key figure in the war from this point on.