Episode 56: The Forgotten War in Burma, Part 4




With this episode we finish the podcast narrative about World War II in Burma, or as we now call it, Myanmar.  Here the British and the Japanese fight for the city of Rangoon, modern-day Yangon.  In the middle of the battle the rainy season begins, which forces both sides to call a halt to most of the fighting.  But in 1945, the war will end before the rainy season does.


Episode 55: The Forgotten War in Burma, Part 3



Today we return to Burma, now called Myanmar, to hear about the efforts of the Allies, especially the British, to take back this land during World War II.  We will concentrate our attention on the battles fought here from August 1944 to March 1945.  Also, the Ledo Road will be finished, and the Burma Road will be recovered.