The Forgotten War in Burma, Part 1



Episode 48 of the podcast is finally up!  Originally I was planning to have it finished by July 16, but several factors came together to make it late, from a week-long trip out of town to a fierce storm that has knocked out power in my home city.  Still, I did not rush the recording, because as they say, haste makes waste.  I have learned that if I get it right the first time, I won’t have to redo it later.

Anyway, with this episode the podcast returns to Southeast Asia during World War II.  This time we look at what happened in Burma, modern-day Myanmar, from the middle of 1942 until early 1944.

The New Guinea Campaign, Part 3



With today’s episode, the podcast finishes covering World War II in New Guinea.  Although the war turned in the Allies’ favor in 1942, the struggle here would go on until the war ended everywhere else.  The Allies find out that in every territory occupied by Japan, it is at least twice as hard to drive the Japanese out, as it was for the Japanese to invade the territory in the first place.  Also, today is the second anniversary of the podcast’s launching.  Happy birthday, podcast!