The Battle for the Philippines, Part 2



Ten days ago, on March 6, 2018, the number of downloads of this podcast reached 100,000!  Yes, in the twenty months since the podcast was launched, people have listened to or downloaded episodes 100,000 times.  Thanks a million for your support!

The latest episode finishes what we started in Episode 38, the Japanese invasion of the Philippines during World War II.  Although the Japanese win again, as they have in other recent episodes, it takes them five months to conquer the islands, because both the Americans and Filipinos were united in resisting them.

The History Fangirl Interview



This episode is a break from the narrative usually presented.  Recently I was interviewed by Stephanie Craig for another podcast, History Fangirl, to give the historical background behind Thailand and Bangkok.  On the page hosting this episode is a link to the interview on; check it out to learn about the other places Stephanie has visited.