Our House, Part I: Outside

This is mainly for family members, so I won’t mind if other readers move on to something else. So the folks can see what kind of place Leive & I moved into last December, here is the first in a series of pages featuring photos of the house.

Note: To keep the stuff in the left-hand margin of this blog, your browser will cut off the right edge of each picture. I guess horizontal scrolling is not permitted here. Click on any picture to see the whole thing.


First, here is the whole front side. I’m sure you recognize my trusty Buick. The tree on the left is a purple magnolia; looks like it finally recovered from the snowstorm we got last month, when it was in bloom. You can’t see it in this shot, but our mailbox and an ornamental pear tree are just to the left of where I stood when I snapped this.


And here is a peek in the garage, when the door is open. The door in the back leads to the kitchen area.


Another picture of the garage, from the inside looking out.


A closer look at the front door. The little lights to the left are solar powered. What you don’t see here are the burrows under the sidewalk, made by the chipmunks we share the property with. If they plan on staying, I intend to charge them rent!


If you go around the left side of the house toward the back, this is what you’ll see. We plan to put a gate here eventually, and a fence on the far side of the yard.


This is how the house looks from the backyard. The door at ground level leads to the basement; above it is our patio. The satellite dish on the roof was left by the previous owners. but we can’t use that or cable until we get a TV set that can handle it.


A closer look at the right-hand side, to show you the air-circulation device installed to keep radon from accumulating in the basement (see the March 18 entry).


A closer look at the basement door. In front of it are the bird feeder I mentioned in previous blog entries, and a sock full of thistle seeds to attract goldfinches. The feeder is currently empty; I think a male cardinal got most of the goodies this time, because I saw him there more than once today, instead of the usual blackbirds.


Another view of the same area, this time from the basement looking out. The round dial on the stairway is a thermometer; you can’t see it here but it has a picture of two cardinals on it, to go with the bird feeder.


Finally, if you climb the stairs to the patio, here is what you’ll see. Pardon the lack of decoration here, but we couldn’t get much use out of this area during the winter months. I have an umbrella in the garage that I’ll have to set up over the table one of these days, so Leive can have a real outdoor barbecue. The sliding door goes directly to the kitchen.

Now, ready to come inside?

An October 2007 addition:  some additional flower shots 

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