Episode 67: The First Indochina War, Part 4



For Part 4 in our podcast series on the First Indochina War, this episode covers the events of 1952 and most of 1953.  We will look at the battles in northwest Vietnam, as the Viet Minh invade this area.  Then we will see the opening of a second front in Laos, which will start an on-and-off civil war that will last for the next 22 years.  Finally, we will learn how Laos and Cambodia achieved full independence from France.


One response to “Episode 67: The First Indochina War, Part 4

  1. Loving this podcast, Charles! Looking forward to hearing more about Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam war, Burma after the Second World War, and the whole region from the 80s onward! Im also a fan of your website going on 18 years! Wondering when the history of Central Asia is coming and when ither regions will be updated. Great job!

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