Episodes 50 & 51: The Liberation of the Philippines, Part 1, and Question and Answer Session 1


The podcast is back on schedule!  We are now caught up; the two latest episodes went up on the days they would have been uploaded if Episodes 48 & 49 hadn’t been late.

Episode 50 begins a series on the battles fought in the Philippines during 1944 and 1945, pitting the Americans and Filipinos against the Japanese.  Here we will see General Douglas MacArthur land the US 6th Army on the island of Leyte, thereby keeping the promise he made two years earlier.  Then the entire Japanese Navy will gather in the waters around Leyte to stop the landing, resulting in the biggest naval battle in all of World War II.  Finally we will see the first use of Japan’s desperate last tactic, kamikaze planes.


For Episode 51 the podcast takes a break from the usual routine, and you will hear me answer the questions which you the listeners sent in over the past month or two.  Listen and enjoy!


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