Chapter 5: Oceania Since 1945


Over the past four and a half months, I have been giving priority to the new podcast, as you can see from my previous messages.  Even so, I have not neglected the website, and have continued to write for the website’s current history project — the South Pacific.  It has been a bit of a challenge prioritizing the writing and the podcasting, so I can keep to my schedule of uploading two episodes every month.  For a while, for instance, I would write the scripts for my episodes and record them on weekdays, while writing for the website on weekends.  Perseverance paid off, and now the fifth chapter of the South Pacific history is now online!

This time we wrap up the whole narrative, covering the fourteen nations in this region from the end of World War II to the present.  As it turned out, the most convenient way to present the subject was to divide it into four parts.  Here are the URLs for the webpages, and a list of subheadings on each one:

Part I

* First, A Word on the Cargo Cults
* The Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, and Nearby Atolls
* Australia: The Menzies Era
* Rabbits Gone Wild
* Recolonial New Zealand

Part II

* Independence Comes to the Islands
     * Western New Guinea: From One Colonial Overlord to Another
     * Western Samoa
     * Nauru and Tonga
     * Fiji
     * Papua New Guinea
     * The Solomon Islands
     * Tuvalu and Kiribati
     * Vanuatu
     * The Free Association States

Part III

* The Australian Constitutional Crisis
* Australia in Recent Years
* New Zealand: Labour and National Reforms

Part IV

* The Smaller Island Nations Since Independence
     * The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), and Palau
     * Fiji: Too Early to Tell
     * Kiribati: Every Day and Every Year Begin Here
     * Tuvalu: The First Nation to Go Under?
     * Nauru: The Island That Lost its Future
     * Papua New Guinea: A Troubled Young Nation
     * Samoa: No Longer Western, But Looking Southwest
     * The Solomon Islands: Are They A Nation Yet?
     * Tonga: It’s Good to Be King
     * Vanuatu: Harmony With Disunity
     * New Caledonia: Unfinished Business
* Conclusion for the Islands

It looks like I am done with this project, but while working on it, I decided to write something on the exploration of Antarctica, so the Antarctic can be included somewhere on the website; we might as well put the paper on the South Pole together with the ones on Australia.  Therefore, look for one more paper on Antarctica to show up sometime in 2017, and then the complete South Pacific history will be considered finished.  Stay tuned for one more chapter!

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