Episode 0 Is Up Now


When I last made a blog posting, I mentioned that I would like to launch a podcast on the history of Southeast Asia.  Since then I have chosen some appropriate music and artwork to go with it, made sure Audacity is up and running on my computer, bought a good microphone, and chose Blubrry for my host.  Then I found I needed a script to sound as good as the other podcasters, and though the first episode was initially uploaded on Wednesday, I ran into technical problems, which took until today to straighten out.  Now the podcast is fit to be introduced to the world.  To check it out, follow this link:


Over the course of this month, I plan to set up the links and RSS feed, and looking for advertisers.  If the real world doesn’t get in the way too much, I’ll upload another episode in about two weeks.  Everything and everybody has to start somewhere, and hopefully you’ll like what’s up so far.  For this episode, I introduce myself and describe Southeast Asia’s geography.  Next time the actual narrative will begin, with a review of what we now know about the region during prehistoric times.

2 responses to “Episode 0 Is Up Now

  1. *adds to list of never-ending history podcast choices* 🙂 I will listen to it by Sunday, let you know how it sounds. 🙂 It will be cool to hear your voice and get a better idea of your personality after all of these years. You should ask atoz history or agorapodcast about becoming a member

  2. Thank you very much! So far the reviews I have gotten (mostly on Facebook) have been positive. The only one that wasn’t came from my wife, who claimed it made her sleepy, but history always does that to her!

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