I Think I Will Become a Podcaster


On November 30, 2015, I posted a message on how we have entered a golden age for podcasting, and listed the history podcasts I was listening to at the time.  Of course some podcasts are better than others.  I heartily recommend the good ones, while it’s not a good sign if my reaction after listening to one of the inferior ones is, “I can do better than that!”

Along that line, I considered doing one of my own, but a lot of the good subjects are already taken.  There are good podcasts on the Romans, the Chinese, the Egyptians, the Russians, military history, explorers, pirates, and so forth.  There’s no reason why somebody else can’t try to do his own version of those subjects, but if I did that, I’m sure the comments from those who listened to both myself and the other podcaster would put me in competition with the latter.

Well, today I believe I found my niche in the history podcast business:  Southeast Asia.

Over on Facebook, the folks in a private group I belong to were talking about the latest archaeological discovery in Cambodia – the discovery of the city that was Cambodia’s capital before Angkor Wat was built – and somebody asked if there is a podcast on it yet.  A Google search told me that the answer was no.  Even with the Vietnam War, as important as that was for the United States, only individual episodes, not a full-fledged series, have been done so far.

So there you have it.  Over the next month I plan to read up on how to do this from podcasters who have done it already, and buy an appropriate microphone and whatever software is needed.  Finally, I’ll look for a sponsor to make this worth the effort.  If I go ahead with this project, will my regular readers listen?

2 responses to “I Think I Will Become a Podcaster

  1. I’d say go for it. 🙂 I have picked up over 50 and “completed” (some are ongoing) about 25 history podcasts over the last year. I have been following your history page (and am now caught up on the new Russia info) for the last 15 years, Of course I will listen in!

    PERFECT topic too, as Southeast Asia and Central Asia are the forgotten realms of history. I may even ask an old college professor of mine who is an expert in the latter to atleast post some audio lectures. If you could do SE Asia, perhaps the internet could have, well, everything covered!

    BTW, do you follow any of the history mappers on youtube such as Ollie Bye, EmperorTigerStar, or S&F Productions? Good stuff!

  2. P.S. Times have been very, very, tough. Like, 5 bucks is too much money tough. If a teaching job offer comes through this fall, I will definitely donate to the podcast and the website 🙂

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