About Those Donation Buttons


If you have visited The Xenophile Historian during the past three weeks, you may have noticed a new feature — on nearly every page is a Paypal link with the words “Support This Site!”

In the past when you read my work, I said, “Thank you for your support.”  That is still true, but now there is a way to financially support the website as well, for those who feel inclined to do so.

I got the idea for the donation buttons from the podcasts I have been listening to lately; they are supported by either donations or advertising.  The donation buttons will thus serve the same reason as the Google ads on my webpages.  I have been paying for server space since 2001, but the employment in my chosen field of work hasn’t been steady; it alternates between feast and famine, depending on the state of the economy.  And while the Google ads have helped, I need at least one check from Google every year to break even, when paying for the server space.  With competition from other websites containing history, especially Wikipedia, The Xenophile Historian hasn’t always gotten enough visits to earn those checks.

Rest assured, I plan to keep the content on the website free, except for what goes into any future books I write.  You may consider the donation buttons the online version of the jar near a piano player or sushi chef in a restaurant; if you like what you see and want to encourage me to produce more, feel free to leave a tip.

Currently I am trying to figure out a way to put one more donation button in the right-hand margin of this blog.  In the meantime thanks again, and keep on reading!

3 responses to “About Those Donation Buttons

  1. Hey there, as someone who has read -every- history file on this site, and following since 2001 (looking forward to the rest of South Pacific/Central Asia/updates on other sections), I will prioritize donations to this website- over several of the same podcasts you have mentioned and I enjoy.

    I will not have much to offer at all until around May, and nothing that is a decent donation until my career as a teacher begins, which I should be licensed for and gainfully employed in by Fall 2017. Consider such donations big Christmas gifts (even if not donated on Christmas) as my token appreciation for the time put into this website over the years, especially due to the fact that this is not your primary income.

    Hang in there.

    P.S. Depending on the amount of future donations, perhaps it will give me a cut-in-line que request for priorities on which sections to update first ^_-

    P.P.S. Is there on ETA on the next website updates? ^_^

  2. Brian, that was quick! I only had the blog message up for a few minutes before you left that comment. Now that’s dedication!

    For your information, I used December to update the Chinese history series. January began with some minor updates not worth reporting, like a few more words on the Roman emperors, and some additional pictures. Then a week or two ago, I got started on Chapter 4 of the South Pacific history. At the moment, I am debating what to call the chapter, and if it will end with 1945, or go all the way to the present; it will depend on how long it takes to talk about World War II.

  3. Call it dedication if you’d like, but I will err on the side of honesty and say it was coincidence ^_^;;;

    Expect a donation this March 🙂

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