Patterns of Evidence: Exodus


Over the years I have posted updates here regarding David Rohl’s “New Chronology,” which promises to rewrite what we know about ancient history.  The latest is a new movie, called “Patterns of Evidence:  Exodus,” which puts forth the case that the Biblical stories of Joseph, Moses and Joshua really happened, but archaeologists did not find evidence for them because they were looking in the wrong place.  Or to be more exact, the evidence was in the right place, but they were looking in the wrong time; it is centuries earlier than when they expected.  Now watch David Rohl and others make the case that evidence has been found for these stories, but it wasn’t recognized as such, until recently.

Here is the movie’s official website:

And here you can watch the trailer and buy tickets online:




Unfortunately there will only be one showing of the movie in theaters, at 7 PM on Monday, January 19.  That’s tomorrow as I write this.  David Rohl is a friend of mine on Facebook, and he told me personally that although this is a quality production, it was not made by a big-name Hollywood studio, so they couldn’t get many places to show it.  Here in central Kentucky, for example, it is only appearing in three cinemas, one of which is three miles from my house, fortunately.  Now the producers are hoping it will be popular enough for them to make a DVD out of it.  I’m plugging the movie here because I have friends and relatives who can’t go tomorrow, so the DVD will be the next best thing for them.  Maybe I’ll see you in the theater tomorrow!

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