Contemporary Latin America, 1959 to 2014

After four years of working on it, almost to the day, my series of history papers on Latin America and the Caribbean are finished!  Chapter 6, covering events in that part of the world since 1959, was uploaded this morning.  Because of its size, I divided it into seven parts, with the following subheadings:

Chapter 6: Contemporary Latin America

1959 to 2014

Part I ( )

    One More Overview
          The Roller Coaster Ride of Economics
          The Abandonment of the Monroe Doctrine
          The Pink Tide
          The Changing Role of the Church
          Getting Along and Meaning It
          The Drug Trade
          Environmental Challenges
    Cuba: The Revolution Continues
    Venezuela’s Democratic Interlude
    Brazil: The Death of the Middle Republic
    Weak Radicals and the Argentine Revolution
    Colombia: The National Front

Part II ( )

    Democracy Breaks Down in Chile
    Peru: The Revolution from Above
    Mexico: The PRI Corporate State
    Meet the Duvaliers
    Honduras Goes From Military to Civilian Rule
    Ecuador: From Yellow Gold to Black Gold
    Tupamaros and Tyrants
    The Somoza Dynasty, Act Two

Part III ( )

    Paraguay: The Stronato
    Brazil: The Military Republic
    Bolivia: The Banzerato
    Red Star In the Caribbean
    The Perón Sequel and the "Dirty War"
    Panama: The Canal Becomes Truly Panamanian
    The Dominican Republic: The Balaguer Era
    The Guianas/Guyanas: South America’s Neglected Corner
          French Guiana

Part IV ( )

    The Salvadoran Civil War
    Belize: A Nation Under Construction
    The Guatemalan Civil War
    The Southernmost War
    Among the Islands
          Bermuda, the Bahamas, and Dominica
          St. Kitts & Nevis
          The Netherlands and French Antilles
    Colombia: Land of Drug Lords and Guerrillas
    The Pinochet Dictatorship
    Peru: The Disastrous 1980s

Part V ( )

    The Switzerland of Central America
    Nicaragua: The Contra War
    Ecuador After the Juntas
    Chasing Noriega
    Argentina’s New Democracy
    Hugo’s Night in the Museum
    Democracy Comes to Bolivia (at Last)
    Haiti: Beggar of the Americas
    Peru: The Fujimori Decade

Part VI ( )

    Brazil: The New Republic
    Cuba’s "Special Period"
    Chileans Put Their Past Behind Them
    Colombia’s Fifty-Year War
    Uruguay Veers from the Right to the Left
    Daniel Ortega Returns
    Ecuador: Dollarization and a Lurch to the Left
    The Chavez Administration, Both Comedy and Tragedy

Part VII ( )

    Argentina: The New Millennium Crisis, and the Kirchner Partnership
    Guatemala Since the Peace Accords
    Can Paraguay Kick the Dictator Habit?
    Honduras: The Zelaya Affair
    Peru in the Twenty-First Century
    Bolivia: The Evo Morales Era
    The Mexican Drug War
    Puerto Rico: The Future 51st State?

If you weren’t here when I announced Chapters 1 through 5, you can catch up by going to the index page, at and clicking on their links.


So what will I do next?  First I will take a break from writing for a month or two.  I haven’t made up my mind on what I will write next, except that there are two parts of the world I haven’t done a history for, Central Asia and the South Pacific, so chances are it will be one of them.  The other option would be to update a history series I have already written, the way I rewrote my history of India last winter to bring it up to date.  Stay tuned for my decision, and in the meantime, read the new chapter and enjoy!

2 responses to “Contemporary Latin America, 1959 to 2014

  1. As always, thank you Scott! I’m looking forward to devouring this. If by any chance you are open to ideas, i’d say get these last two regions of the world done before updates- just so you have reached the initial goal before looping back and forth updates here and there around the globe.

    Thanks! 🙂


  2. Finished reading the Latin American work last weekend during breaks taken while doing homework/domestics.

    GREAT narrative! You have done it again! Thank you! It’s always a fun read!

    God has truly blessed with talent! I look forward to the next works, after your well deserved break. Heck im looking forward to the next blog update with the small jokes.

    Have a good one!


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