Are You Pinterested?

I have had an account with Pinterest, the famous picture-sharing website, for a year of two, since I learned that pictures from The Xenophile Historian are being “pinned” there.  It gives me an idea of what’s popular on the site.  Currently it looks like the picture of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau dancing behind the Queen of England’s back is very popular indeed.



Anyway, here is a link to The Xenophile Historian board:


Earlier this month I decided to pin as many pictures from my website as possible, to increase traffic.  So far I have put up 289 pins, on three boards.  One board is for African history, one is for East Asian history (India, China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia), and one is for European history.  And much more will be going up in the near future; I haven’t gotten to the picture collections for the Middle East, Russia or the Americas yet.  Click on this link to see them for yourself:

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