LegalShield Works for Traffic Cases!

I haven’t talked about LegalShield here since the beginning of the year, mainly because I put my LegalShield business on hold last fall, to concentrate my efforts on getting a job.  Well now I have used it for a service all LegalShield Associates talk about – traffic tickets.  It all started at the beginning of May, but I waited until it was over so I could share how it turned out.

At least half of the commute to my new job is on Interstate 75, and the part of 75 between Lexington and the Kentucky River has been under repairs/resurfacing since I started.  On May 1 they got the first lanes finished, so drivers don’t have to dodge the potholes anymore.  The drive that morning was so smooth, it was delightful.  I didn’t realize how fast I was going until an unmarked car came up behind me and started flashing blue lights.

I guess I had it too easy when commuting to last last two jobs.  Going to L-3 Communications meant driving through the countryside past horse farms; you’re not likely to find many cops or state troopers there.  At DRS in Danbury, CT, I only had to go two and a half miles from my apartment to work, and it was bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way, so I couldn’t really get in trouble there before I reached my destination.  Now I have to watch for the cops again, for the first time since moving to Kentucky.  The good news is that if the road construction crew had been there that early in the morning, my fine would have been much worse.

Actually, I have a reputation for being the slowest driver in the family.  The last time I got a speeding ticket was in 1986.  When I told Leive about this one, she didn’t know I had it in me!

Anyway, I did what LegalShield told me to do; I faxed the ticket to our provider law firm in Louisville, and they promised to send a local attorney to court in my place.  I was introduced to the attorney by phone of May 30, and the court appointment was at 4:30 PM on Tuesday, June 3.  Eleven minutes later I got an e-mail from him; he got the ticket dismissed with a warning.  For me that is a best case scenario.  No fine, no points on my record.  Aside from being late to work on May 1, it was like I never got the ticket at all.  And there’s the power you have in your hands when LegalShield makes attorneys affordable to the common man!

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