I’ve Been at the New Job for Six Whole Weeks

Hello.  The first and foremost purpose of this message is to let all my readers know that Charles Kimball is alive and well.  I can’t believe that over the whole past month I only posted one message, and it wasn’t a very important one.  That is my longest absence in the seven years since this blog started.

The main reason is my work schedule.  From Monday through Thursday I am working a ten-hour day at my new job, so when I get home I am usually too busy doing other things, like eating and sleeping, to write anything here.  On the job it’s so far, so good, but I still have a lot to learn, even after six weeks; I am not considered to be completely out of training yet.  I’m off the other three days of the week (more when there is a holiday), but it turns out I’m often busy then, too, or I just can’t think of anything to blog about.  Oh well, my gain is your loss.

When I have been on my computer at home, I have also been working on the next and final chapter of my Latin American history series.  Since the end of March I have completed the sections on Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Paraguay and Venezuela, and have composed bits and pieces on the other countries.  It looks like I will be tackling Nicaragua next.  My goal is to complete the chapter by the end of this year.  For those of you looking forward to the latest chapter, I hope you will find it was worth the wait.

Here in Kentucky, the main news last week was the discovery that $20 million disappeared mysteriously from the local school budget, and for the first time, both the men’ and women’s softball teams from the University of Kentucky made it to the college world series.  College baseball is a sport that normally doesn’t get as much attention as basketball and football, maybe because the season is shorter.  We’ll see if that changes for Kentucky now.  Way to go, ‘Cats!

For most of May the weather was fairly typical for Kentucky.  Wet enough for Leive and I to watch for leaks in the house, and the outside temperature is just right most of the time.  In the middle of May we had a cold snap where it got all the way down to 38 degrees for two mornings, but that was very unusual.

On Sunday, May 19, my aunt and uncle from Chicago dropped in for a visit.  They came mainly to visit my father in the retirement home where he is now staying, two miles from our house.  They spent most of the following afternoon and evening with him, celebrating his birthday early.

Since Wednesday, my in-laws, Gene and Rezia King, have been staying in our basement.  They are remodeling their own house, and with the floor stripped up and foul-smelling chemicals in the air, the place isn’t a fit dwelling place for the time being, so we took them in.  I think Gene will be moving back into their house tonight (he isn’t here now, anyway).  Rezia is still here, happily cooking and chatting in Cebuano with Leive.

The most amazing thing is that our parrot Brin-Brin is friends with Rezia again, for the first time in nearly seven years.  He took it hard when she married his worst enemy (Gene), and after that, she could come over alone, and he would still go to the bottom of the cage and cry, as if he expected Gene to show up with her!  What a silly bird!  Well, Rezia sang to Brin-Brin the other day, and music appears to be what he wants the most from people.  Now he’s all right with Rezia hanging around, at least when Leive is in sight, too.  He still hasn’t accepted Gene yet, but we all expected that to be a bigger challenge.

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