May the Fourth Be With You!

For the benefit of anyone reading this who is a nerd like myself, I have kept track of the nerd holidays as I have learned about them.  So far in this blog, I have marked these ones:

March 14 = Pi Day.

April 5 = First Contact Day.

October 22 = Mole Day.

Now here is another.  Since 2011, May 4 has been celebrated as Star Wars Day.  Not because it is the anniversary of of the date when George Lucas released any of his films (however, he did release some of them in May, including the original one in 1977).  May 4 became the date because on this day, Star Wars fans like to say “May the Fourth be with you.”

If you get that pun, no further explanation is needed.  So Jedis, watch out, “Revenge of the FIfth” isn’t far away!

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