After the First Week

Well, I completed my first week at my new job in Richmond, KY, and it’s hard to think of how it could have gone better.  I definitely like the workplace; the office is comfortable, everyone in there is friendly, and the work looks like it will be well-suited for me.  If there is a company where I can fit in like the proverbial “Purple squirrel,” this is probably it.

The only drawback I have seen to working there is that it is on the east side of Madison County, putting it 28 miles from home.  And because we work a ten-hour day (7 AM – 5:30 PM with a half-hour lunch), I have to leave home before 6:30 AM to get there on time.  I have decided not to complain, though, because it sounds like many of my new co-workers, perhaps most of them, have to drive farther than I do.  Apparently the company does not hire too many folks locally.  And because of the ten-hour shifts, we only have to work four days a week to get our forty hours, so most Fridays will be free for us.

Meanwhile at home, we’re still having quirky spring weather.  On Tuesday and Wednesday nights it got down to 40 degrees, as if we can’t put winter behind us at last.  Then this morning we started the day with a thunderstorm, so I could not mow the backyard like I was planning to do.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to cut the grass on Saturday or Sunday; I cut the front yard last Sunday, and now it’s almost long enough to cut again, already!

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