Spring Is Back, and A New Beginning

We had a close call last week with the cold weather.  On Tuesday morning it got down to freezing and we had some snow in the morning.  The pictures below show how white it got, with flowers in the pear trees and snow on the ground:




Fortunately the snow quickly melted; I believe that’s why the plants did not suffer much damage.  Then on Wednesday morning the temperature was 27 degrees F. – maybe even colder – but no snow or sleet fell.  Again it did not kill the blossoms outside.  I guess when temperatures are in the low 30s or upper 20s you need both cold and ice/snow to do real damage to the plants.

Since then it has felt more like spring, with highs getting up around 80 both today and yesterday.  Today another aspect of spring began for us; I mowed the front yard for the first time this year.

Speaking of beginnings, this is the final day of the two-year unemployment I called “The Long Night” in a recent message.  In eight hours I will be on my way to the first day of my new job.  Wish me well.  According to the company website, this is “The Best Work of Your Life.”  After this dry spell, and with me not getting any younger, I sincerely hope they’re right.  I’ll have to go to bed soon, so see you later.

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