Happy First Contact Day, and the Final Four Games


Yes, it’s time for another nerd holiday, to go with Pi Day (3/14) and Mole Day (10/22).  Forty-nine years left to go, before we find out if there is anybody like the Vulcans in space.

Back in December 2012, people were going to Berea, KY, to escape whatever happened when the Mayan calendar ended (all that happened was that it stopped snowing on that exact minute). Perhaps we should make plans to camp out in Bozeman, MT, if we expect to be around in 2063?

Today is also the day of the Final Four basketball games.  The University of Kentucky plays the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Florida plays the University of Connecticut.  All four teams come from states my family has ties to:  I live in Kentucky, my sister lives in Wisconsin, my brother lives in Florida, and we used to live in Connecticut!  I guess all I can say is, may the best team win!




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