When Spring and Basketball Season Intersect

Since I told readers about getting a job last Monday, I have been getting ready for it.  On Tuesday morning I went to a nearby clinic for the drug test, on Thursday I faxed and e-mailed the paperwork for the background check, and last hour I got a phone call where I was asked a question they still had on the background check.  Hopefully I got all that done quickly enough to avoid any delays.

The main thing bothering us this week is telemarketers and scammers.  Arrgh, since Tuesday we have been getting more than a dozen calls per day, from phone numbers we don’t recognize, and even worse, calls where no number shows up on the caller ID!  They especially bother our parrot Brin-Brin; he’ll start screaming when the phone rings, unless Leive is around to act as a calming influence.

I learned how to use our phone service to block calls from the worst offenders, but at the rate new bogus numbers are appearing, I am concerned that our list of blocked numbers will be filled up quickly.  And I haven’t figured out yet how to block the anonymous callers, or even if I want to, because occasionally a legit call comes in that doesn’t show up on the caller ID.  If all else fails, I may have to change our land line number, or abandon land line service entirely.  Spammers and scammers, thanks a pantsload for ruining another institution.

Today the outside temperature got all the way up to 70 degrees in the afternoon, so I took Leive out to get a haircut and stock up on groceries.  Oh boy, was she happy to get out, after being cooped up for most of the winter.  Spring is definitely Leive’s favorite season.  During the winter months, she was only likely to leave the house to go to church, and for the groceries, I usually went alone.

Now as I write this, it is an hour and a half before the University of Kentucky – University of Louisville game begins.  Not only are they statewide rivals, but it is also a meeting of the 2012 and 2013 champion teams, so yes, it IS a big deal for Kentucky.  As a resident of Lexington, I will put up a logo for the Wildcats, but it’s probably best to say, “May the best team win!”



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