The Long Night Is Ending

It’s not actually over yet, but the end is finally in sight.  After not having worked a day in the last twenty-three months, I have been offered a job in my field.  It will be at least two more weeks before I can start working again, so I will call this month "Dawn."  The sequence will be as follows:

April to June 2012:  Twilight.  Back then I had hopes that this spell of unemployment would be short.  At the time it looked like I would soon get another assignment in Connecticut, or find comparable work here in Kentucky.

July 2012 to February 2014:  Night.  The worst part; the less said, the better.  After I interviewed for the new job, I was asked to explain what I’ve been doing since I got back from Connecticut, and I ended up writing a two-page paper entitled "My Lost Years."

March to April 2014:  Dawn.

Anyway, the phone call came this morning, at exactly 8:45 AM.  I’ll admit I answered it with a bit of trepidation; it is legal for strangers to call as early at 8:00, but for better or for worse, it is usually important when somebody calls before 9:00.  It was the company I interviewed with in Richmond, KY on March 11, informing me that I got the job!  Because the human resources manager was out of town last week, this must have been once of the first things he did upon coming back in the office.

The only thing is, they’re not sure when I can start.  He said the earliest date is April 7, but it will more likely be on the 14th.  It depends on how long the background check and drug test take.  I told them I only traveled out of state for three short trips last year (to Baltimore, Oklahoma and Georgia), and haven’t eaten a poppy-seed bagel in months, so I trust both can be done quickly and without a hitch.

p.s., I haven’t forgotten that a lot of other Americans are dealing with long-term unemployment.  The recession/long night for the nation is by now means over yet, and the essay I wrote last year about a coming dark age is still valid.  Stay tuned for the next episode!

p.s.s., How appropriate that all this is happening at the beginning of spring, and when my home town’s favorite basketball team is doing so well!

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