A Good Weekend for UK

As usual at this time of the year, Kentucky in general and Louisville and Lexington in particular are caught up in the hoopla that is the NCAA basketball tournament.  This weekend, the University of Kentucky played its first two games and it really has something to crow about.  On Friday night, UK beat Kansas state 55-49 in what has been called “a messy victory.”  But a messy victory is still a victory, and this afternoon the Wildcats went up against Wichita State, a team with a perfect (undefeated) record for the season.

As you might expect, a game against the number 1 team is going to be a tough one for the underdogs.  Still, our wildcats managed to prevail, winning 78-76.  How about them ‘cats!  I did not get to watch the game, but judging from what I heard on the radio and saw in print, it must have been a great one.


Now I’m starting to hear that UK will be playing Louisville soon.  Oh boy, we’re going to have another grudge match in the playoffs, like we did in 2012.

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