A Cheerful Beginning to the Week

Today was Purim, if you’re following the Jewish calendar, commemorating the time some 2,400 years ago when Jews foiled a plot by an Iranian anti-Semite (boy, some things haven’t changed over the ages!).  A rabbi once explained to me that “a coincidence is G-d incognito,” and he was using Purim as his example.  If you don’t know what the holiday is all about, here is an animation to explain it.

In synagogues, one of the things they do to mark Purim is read the story from the Book of Esther.  Typically everybody boos whenever Haman’s name is mentioned, and cheers when Mordechai is mentioned.  The second video shows some Israeli soldiers who took the booing part to a new level.  I wonder if they had enough ammo for the whole story?  And did they do anything for Mordechai?

And that’s not all; tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day.  However, my wife is not happy because according to the calendar, spring is only a few days away, and it still looks like winter outside; we just got another load of sleet and snow dumped on us.  Well, since moving to Kentucky, we have experienced what I would call a year without fall (2007) and a year without winter (2012); are we going to have a year without spring next?

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