Night Fright

A bit of news regarding the family pet.  When I came into the kitchen this morning, I noticed quite a few seeds and other small bits of trash around Brin-Brin’s cage.  That’s normal for parrots in the daytime—after all, in the wild, scattering seeds is how how birds plant trees—but it’s not supposed to happen in the night.  When I looked in the cage, Brin-Brin’s largest toy, a chain of wood and rubber blocks on a string, was on the bottom of the cage in two pieces, and so were most of Brin-Brin’s tail feathers.  Brin-Brin was on his perch like usual, but he certainly wasn’t in a good mood.

Leive and I figure that Brin-Brin had a bad dream, bumped into the toy, and both parrot and toy came crashing down.  When sleeping birds suddenly thrash about in the middle of the night, it is called a “night fright.”  Fortunately it doesn’t happen often, because we put a night light near the cage.  Coincidentally, last night I had a bad dream, too.  I dreamed I went to a science fiction convention at a hotel and lost my glasses there.  The good news is that everything was all right once I woke up.

I remember how Chico, the cockatiel we had in Florida, had a few night frights.  The worst one had us scared; he was bleeding from a broken feather, forcing an emergency trip to the vet to have the feather pulled.  That prompted us to buy a larger and safer cage for him.  Brin-Brin is okay, because he didn’t bleed from the feathers he lost, but now he only has one tail feather left, so he doesn’t look very presentable.  My brother Chris is coming to visit at the end of this month, and Brin-Brin won’t have time to grow his tail back by then; hopefully Chris will be understanding.  The picture below is a rerun from 2008, showing how Brin-Brin looked on a happier day.

Come on, Brin-Brin, eat hardy and grow some more feathers!

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