March, the Roller Coaster Weather Month

Okay, I’ve kept my readers waiting long enough.  I haven’t posted anything for the past five days because I either was busy (in a good way), or had writer’s block.

First of all there was the conference I announced last week, with Joel Richardson at my church.  I attended all four sessions, while Leive attended the two evening sessions (That’s Leive with Joel in the photo below).  Also, I helped out by handling the book table in the back; I understand he was quite pleased with the sales.  Although I took copious notes, I won’t bore the readers by reposting them here.  Instead, I understand the lectures were recorded, and they will be posted online as podcasts, possibly as early as tomorrow, so I’ll provide a link when I see them.


For me, the most provocative session was probably the first one, where Joel talked about the prophecy in Daniel 2.  He links the prophecy to different empires from the ones usually associated with it; I associated the statue’s legs of iron with the Roman Empire, and he proposed the Islamic caliphates instead.  During the question and answer session, I asked how the Parthians and Sassanian Persians fit in, because if you take the Romans out of the prophecy there is a gap from 150 B.C. to 637 A.D. that those empires could fill.  I found his answer workable, but accepting it means I will have to throw out or at least rewrite three chapters from my history textbook.  I’m going to have to think this over.

Meanwhile, the weather warmed up nicely.  I started to sense that winter might not last forever, even though it seems that some Washington politicians worried about global warming would like it that way (Congress had a special meeting on the matter last Monday).  Anyway, the high temperatures got up to at least 60 degrees on Friday and Saturday, and I saw one report of 78 (!) yesterday.  I was also encouraged by this picture I saw from a greenhouse in Casselberry, FL.  Of course, having lived down there for forty years, I know that for central Florida, spring begins in the second half of February.


However, we had a setback today.  It was one of those odd days where the high temperature (58) came in the early morning, and it fell after that, with morning rain becoming afternoon snow.  Now it’s below freezing again, but I don’t expect a repeat of what we had in January and February.

On Monday I got a call regarding one of the jobs I am applying for almost daily, and was invited in for an interview.  It took place at 8:30 AM on Tuesday, less than 24 hours later, so I am guessing I was the first person they interviewed.  Also, it is the first interview I have had since early November, so that has put Leive and I in an upbeat mood; also, I liked the people I met and the place I saw.  I’d better not say more, because it will probably be a week or two before they decide who to hire.  Keep praying and wish me luck, though; this could mean the end of my long spell out of work.

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