Call Me Old Queer, and Get It Over With

NBC:  This Gold-Medalist Is Living An "Alternative Lifestyle" Because He Has a Wife and Child

My goodness, has “gay” become the new “straight?”  David Wise is one of our gold medal winners at the winter Olympics, and NBC is concerned because he has a wife and a two-year-old girl, though he is just 23 years old.  The NBC reporter calls it an “alternative lifestyle” and the “lifestyle of an adult.”  Click on the link above for the story.

Granted, they probably think that way because Obamacare has moved the age of adulthood up from 18 to 26.  But it wasn’t that long ago when being married with children at the age of 23 was perfectly normal.  It could have been my lifestyle if I had married earlier in life; heck, my daughter did it.  And Mr. Wise is even talking about becoming a pastor someday, so I’m guessing they live by Christian standards at home – another thing my family does, too.

Thirty years ago, some folks at my university tried to launch what they called the “Alternative Lifestyles Organization.”  It wasn’t about getting married and raising a family.  It was about promoting deviant sex that had been banned by the law and/or by the churches.  The conservative columnist for the local newspaper renamed the group the “Oral Sex Club,” and the group’s promoters were laughed off the campus.

I am also reminded of a science fiction novel I read in the 1980s, "The Forever War," by Joe Haldeman.  The hero of the story is a straight army officer born in 1970 named William Mandella, and in the early 21st century he is drafted to fight a war in space.  Every time he travels to a new star to fight another battle, time dilation and the effects of the theory of relativity mean he won’t age much, but hundreds of years go by on earth.  While he is away, homosexuality is encouraged to stop population growth.  Eventually Mandella finds himself the oldest veteran of the war, and in command of a unit where everyone else is homosexual; they don’t like his 21st century accent and heterosexuality, and call him "Old Queer."  Now I’m wondering if our society is starting to think that way already.

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