I Can See the Bluegrass

I hear that Barack Obama is in a foul mood, because yesterday was President’s Day and he did not get all the gifts he wanted (LOL).

But seriously, it felt like spring started today, more than a month before the calendar says it should.  When I lived in central Florida, February 18 was the unofficial first day of spring.  That’s the last day when a frost is likely in the Orlando area, and the azaleas, orange blossoms and other flowers bloom very soon after that.  Here in Kentucky the temperature warmed up as high as 58 today.  For the first time in a month, maybe two, Leive and I were able to go through most of the day without the furnace running.

It also meant most of the snow melted outside, so we can now see the grass again.  No, it’s not blue yet or even green; it will probably remain brown until March.  Still it’s yet another sign that the winter storm is behind us, and life is returning to normal.

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