Please Punish Me With a Job!

I learned back in the 1990s that when a politician lies to the public, it’s called “spin.”  You can probably think of some examples.  For example, in “1984,” George Orwell famously had the ultimate dictatorship proclaim these slogans:

“War is peace.  Freedom is slavery.  Ignorance is strength.”

More recently, during the current winter, we have been told by environmentalists that the extreme cold we are getting is caused by global warming, hence, “Cold is hot.”

Now over the past week, we heard a new one, “Idleness is better than work.”  It’s not hard to understand why some folks are saying that.  The economy is still recovering at such a slow rate, that for all practical purposes, the 2008 recession never ended.  Each month when the job figures are announced, there are fewer new jobs created than Washington, DC would like.  Then a week ago came the CBO report, which predicted that Obamacare is going to eliminate 2.5 million more jobs than expected, over the next three years.


Immediately folks in high places like Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and The New York Times, declared the loss of jobs is all right, because people no longer have to worry about losing their insurance when they are out of work.  And then there is a “Professor of Leisure Studies” (I did not make up that title), one Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt, who declared that people out of work are in a better position to realize their true potential, and that the jobs eliminated are jobs that people don’t really want to work at, anyway.  Here’s a link to his article:

Why Do Republicans Want Us to Work All the Time?

What a crock.  For as long as recorded history, we have been taught that work is a virtue, and that it is better to be “working hard” than “hardly working.”  As far back as the Book of Genesis, God told Adam that he is going to have to work for a living (Genesis 3:14).  Then in the New Testament, we are told that a person who will not work, should not eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10).  So as long as I am available to work and nobody will hire me, I feel like I am cheating the system.  We have not yet reached the stage where machines can do all of our work for us, so every person not working is a burden on someone else.  As one without a job, I can say that I feel like only half the man I used to be, and when others ask me what I do for a living, I am tired of saying “Nothing at all.”

I thought we were headed in the right direction a day or so before the above announcements, when President Obama said corporations ought to give more consideration to hiring the long-term unemployed, like myself.  Indeed, it is the first time in the past few years I have agreed with the president on anything.  But now it appears some liberals have developed reverse peristalsis, or feedback of the bowels, because they think work is some kind of punishment.  What good is a college course in “leisure studies,” anyway?  If I took it, would it allow me to get any kind of job, aside from teaching the same course later?  For the record, I have been uninsured for at least half of my adult life, because I worked at jobs that did not have health insurance, and if I have to choose in the future between a job and health insurance, I am going to take the job every time.

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