Is An End to Winter in Sight?

First of all, let me say Happy Birthday to both my brother and sister (yes, they’re twins).  Here are two old pictures from previous birthdays.  The first is their third birthday, taken in Connecticut:


And here is their eleventh birthday, from Florida:


Meanwhile, our bitterly cold winter continues.  Today I shoveled our driveway and doorstep again.  Fortunately the snow was not as wet and heavy as before, so I got done in an hour and a half.  The bad news is that there’s more ice, and my shovel didn’t do a good job of breaking it, so I had to leave some there and hope it melts soon.

Speaking of melting, the weatherman is now saying a warming trend is on the way.  Temperatures have stayed below freezing since February 5, but now they’re supposed to climb in the 30s tomorrow, and stay there for the rest of the week; then they’ll be in the 40s at least for next week.

Here are some pictures taken last week of what the country is getting.  First we see the Great Lakes from space, mostly covered with ice.


Last Friday, 67 percent of the continental US – that’s two thirds of the US mainland – was covered with ice and snow.  That hasn’t happened in eleven years.  As you can see, all of Kentucky is included.


And while Florida isn’t experiencing an ice age yet, it’s not as warm as it used to be.


One thing’s for sure, you better stay inside if you don’t like the color white!

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