Happy Birthday Lindy, and More Snow


I will begin with a birthday greeting to my daughter.  Lindy, I tried calling but missed you.  Here’s hoping you had a great celebration with Adam and Lexi, and you got the birthday card we sent you!

Here in Kentucky, we’re still under wintertime siege conditions.  It snowed again both on Thursday and Friday, and more is forecast for tomorrow.  We’re not getting more than an inch each day, but it’s enough to close the schools again!  The way things are going, the kids will have to make up so many snow days that their summer vacation will be limited to the month of July.

Because of the snow, I ran a few errands on Thursday, but on Wednesday and Friday I only went out to get the mail and take out of the garbage.  Maybe it doesn’t bother Leive to be cooped up inside, as long as the utilities work, but I’m getting twitchy.  I feel like I should be outside for at least a small part of every day.

One thing I have learned over the years is that while nerds are all supposed to be poor in social skills and strong in intellectual skills, there are different degrees of “nerdness.”  There is still hope for a plain nerd, but a geek better be working for a high-tech company, and a guru is probably the founder or CEO of that company.  My current reaction to being shut in tells me I’m still just a nerd, not a geek or a guru.  I expect to have at least some nature in my surroundings, like a few wild animals just outside my door.  For instance, while taking out the garbage yesterday, I also studied the tracks in the snow.  Those footprints clustered together in groups of four, did a rabbit or a squirrel make them?

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