Shut-In Because of an Ice Storm

Well, we got another inch of snow last night, and the partially melted stuff we already had refroze.  Because of that, when I looked out this morning all the trees were covered with ice.  So we’re now in a full-fledged ice storm.  Not as bad as the one Kentucky had in January 2009, but if I posted pictures of it they’d look nearly the same.  And I’m hearing about downed trees and power lines in other parts of town, with resulting power outages.

There were a couple tree branches in the street, having fallen off the trees on the other side from our house.  I picked them up when I went out to get the mail, watching my step carefully because the street was mostly covered with ice.  Because of the ice, Leive talked me out of driving anywhere today; it looked just too risky.

Then some more snow fell, at least an additional inch over the course of the day, so all the work I did shoveling the driveway on Monday was for nothing; everything is white again.  It doesn’t look like the temperature will get warm enough to melt any of it before the next predicted snowfall (on Saturday).

By the way, I forgot to mention it last Friday when Chinese New Year arrived.  The Year of the Snake was never welcome here, so it has slithered off at last; now the Year of the Horse has pranced in.  Knowing how Kentucky is obsessed with horses, Leive and I took the new year name as a good omen.  Let’s see what happens when it’s warm enough to go out again.


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