White-Out In the Tropics

Would you find this embarrassing, if it happened to you?  Today I read a story about a hiker who was stuck on the mountain he was climbing for two days because of a blizzard with white-out conditions.  The mountain was Mauna Loa, in Hawaii!  What a strange winter we are having!

Hiker saved from blizzard . . . in Hawaii

Yes, I did hear this morning that the famous Pennsylvania groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow, and hence we should expect six more weeks of winter.  That may be true for Pennsylvania, but for Kentucky he was wrong the last two years.  In 2012 he saw his shadow, but both Kentucky (and Connecticut, where I was staying at the time) had an early spring.  If I was going to spend a winter in New England, that the definitely the year to do it; among other things, I missed Hurricane Sandy.  Then in 2013 the groundhog did not see his shadow, but we got an extremely cold March.  Therefore I’m going to predict that the worst part of winter is behind us.  Yesterday the temperature climbed all the way up to 65 degrees, and it rained this morning, so the last of the snow from a week earlier has been melted/washed away.  However, another big cold front is passing over us right now, and the thermometer is falling again, meaning winter isn’t over just yet; the weatherman is saying we could get 3 to 7 inches of snow by this time tomorrow.  And we’ll find out soon enough what kind of weather the Superbowl will have.

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