Fun With Winter Photos

Here the temperature came back above freezing yesterday.  We still have an ice slick in the driveway, and patches of snow elsewhere, but I think it’s safe to say that the worst part of winter is behind us.  And in two and a half days we will know how all this winter weather will affect the Superbowl.

In the meantime, I am getting a smile from the photoshopped pictures people are uploading, that have a tie-in to our winter weather.  First, two scenes straight from “Star Wars Episode 5:  The Empire Strikes Back”:



Did you hear about the snowstorm in Atlanta?  I don’t think they got any more snow than we did, but Georgia is not prepared for those kind of conditions.  They probably don’t have much salt for the roads, to start with.  We also heard about Chick-Fil-A workers passing out free food for the people whose vehicles got stuck in the ice & snow; that was nice of them.  Do you recognize the other character out there with them?


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