The Pope and the Parrot

Today Pope Francis was going through a crowd at the Vatican when somebody held up his parrot to him.  The parrot, named Amore, said “Papa” like the rest of the crowd.  The Pope turned around, picked up Amore and blessed him.  I’m glad Francis gets along with parrots, if not doves.  It must help that both the Pope and the bird came from Latin America originally.

After dove disaster, Pope Francis takes a parrot

From what I can see in the pictures, Amore is definitely an Amazon parrot.  He doesn’t have a patch of yellow feathers on the back of his head and neck, but otherwise he looks just like my Brin-Brin.





Now if only I can get Brin-Brin to say something like “Papa.”  No doubt Leive will say he doesn’t want to learn because he’s a birdbrain, LOL.

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