Keurig Grandchild

Yesterday I learned that my daughter Lindy ordered a new toaster and a Keurig (K-cup) coffee machine.  However, I think there was a mistake in the order; that looks like my granddaughter Lexi in the box, not a coffee machine!


I saw my first Keurig machine in 2009, at my dentist’s office, and I learned how to use one in 2011, while working in Connecticut.  They are still not common in Kentucky yet, and now my daughter has one; I used to joke about how backward and remote her part of Georgia is, even compared with Kentucky!

Yes, I could have gotten a new coffee machine after returning from Connecticut; the stores here do have them.  So far I haven’t because my wife and my parrot don’t drink coffee, so I would be the only one using it, unless we have guests.  What’s more, it and the K-cups are more expensive than the old-fashioned coffee pot.  When I came back into town, I had about twenty K-cups I had not used in Connecticut, and they sat in my cupboard for nearly a year before I figured out what to do with them; since my little coffee pot makes two cups at a time, I could just cut open two K-cups and dump the contents into a filter, for the same result.  What Keurig machines have in their favor is that they make a cup in a minute, and it’s done right every time.

The last time I visited Lindy, Adam and Lexi, they didn’t even drink coffee, so I had to bring my own.  Did one of them start drinking it recently?  Well, now their coffee machine is more advanced than ours.

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