Another Arctic Wave


I bet right now, a lot of people are feeling like the author of that sign.

More snow was dumped on Kentucky last Friday and Saturday.  We probably got four inches altogether.  Because of that, the mayor of Lexington asked us to stay off the roads as much as possible, and school was cancelled for three days (Wednesday-Friday).  Church was cancelled for the weekend, too, so we did not go anywhere on Friday or Saturday.  The temperature warmed up to 54 on Sunday, though, so we went out for a few errands then.

Now the temperature is falling again, and will possibly reach zero tonight.  No snow is in the immediate forecast, but the combination of melting and re-freezing that we got yesterday and today is turning some driveways and sidewalks into ice slicks.  That could make walking onto our doorstep a tricky task, if we have any company over tomorrow.


Yes, it’s that kind of cold.

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