Soviet Russia Revisited

I will begin by re-sharing a cartoon.  I first posted it here last October, but with the bitterly cold weather we’re having, now it is more relevant than ever.  The scene is a discovery that will be made 200-300 years from now, at the Suwannee Glacier:

This morning I woke up to find the outside temperature below zero again; it’s the fourth time this month.  Because of that, I hereby declare January 2014 the coldest month Leive and I have experienced, since moving to Kentucky more than seven years ago.  In July 2012 we had an extreme example of how high temperatures can get; now we’ve seen how low they can go.

So while taking refuge from the cold and the snow indoors, today I completed a major rewrite of “Soviet Russia,” Chapter 4 of my Russian history series.  When I first composed those papers, back around 1989, the Soviet paper broke off at 1985, and I had another paper cover Mikhail Gorbachev’s administration.  Of course, I couldn’t have known at the time that the Soviet Union had only two years left to go.  When I rewrote the papers in 2000, I just added the events of the 1990s to the last paper.  Now I have merged the first half of Chapter 5 with Chapter 4, so I really have the whole story of the USSR in one chapter.  Now Chapter 4 will go from 1917 to 1991, and Chapter 5 will just cover Commonwealth Russia in the 1990s, until I can write something about Vladimir Putin and Mr. Medvedev.  Also, I divided Chapter 4 into three sections, covering the early years of communism, the World War II years, and the Cold War years.  Finally, I added new pictures and maps.  Here are the links and a list of the subheadings.  I hope you like the changes.

Chapter 4: Soviet Russia

1917 to 1991
Part I

The February Revolution and the Provisional Government

The Bolsheviks Take Over

The Russian Civil War

The Russo-Polish War and the Comintern

The New Economic Policy

The Struggle to Succeed Lenin

Part II

The Nightmare of Stalinism Begins

Prelude to World War II

"The Great Patriotic War"

     Operation Barbarossa

     Stalingrad: The Turning Point

     The Battle Of Kursk

     Crushing the Third Reich


Part III

The Cold War Begins

Recompression at Home

The Khrushchev Years

Brezhnev Takes Charge

Foreign Policy: The Brezhnev Doctrine & Détente

Gerontocracy Triumphant

Gorbachev’s Experiment

The Union of Fewer and Fewer Republics

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