Well, the second killer winter storm of the year (so far) arrived yesterday.  Temperatures went below zero again last night, though not quite as low as they did two weeks ago, and this time the furnace didn’t have a problem maintaining the workload.  One big difference is that last time we didn’t have much snow to worry about, but this time we got about 4 inches.  That was enough to make driving dangerous and close the schools on Wednesday & Thursday; the Tuesday night ladies group from our church did not meet at our house, either.  And when temperatures are in single-digit figures or less, salting the roads doesn’t do much to melt the ice.

I know things must be tough for the wildlife outside because of the numbers of birds that are coming to my bird feeder; a fat squirrel is now regularly visiting it, too.  At 11:30 on Tuesday night, I put on two jackets (it was about 3 degrees then) and went outside to refill the feeder.  I didn’t do it in the day because chances are I would have scared the birds away.  The next day, so many critters came to the bird feeder that by sundown, it looked empty already.  I’ll probably check it again tomorrow.

One thing that amazes me is how many different names folks are coming up with for winter storms.  A little over a year ago, Hurricane Sandy was called a “Frankenstorm” when it collided with a huge cold front.  Then two weeks ago we heard the term “Polar Vortex” to describe that storm.  Now I have heard today’s storm called “Bombogenesis,” though I am not sure what that means.  On top of that, winter storms are getting individual names, as if they are the Yankee equivalent of hurricanes, because the meteorologists have found that attracts interest to their business.

Storm word of the day:  Bombogenesis

There was also a news story today about the folks at the Meadowlands stadium in New Jersey practicing large-scale snow removal, just in case nature tries to freeze out the Superbowl, as the Farmer’s Almanac predicted a few months back.  One thing’s for sure, we are having a very interesting winter.

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