Is John Kerry Really That Stupid, or Stingy?

It seems that the longer the current folks in Washington are in power, the less I understand them.  I’ll admit I have never been a fan of John Kerry; it seems that the only talent our Secretary of State has is his ability to get rich women to marry him.  Well, last Monday I heard that Kerry is upset, because Nigeria has enacted a law banning same-sex marriages.  He has gone so far as to claim it is a human rights violation, saying it dangerously restricts freedom of assembly, association, and expression for all Nigerians.

We have Moslems killing Christians in Nigeria, and this is what our government is really concerned about?  Two hundred years ago, Great Britain led a campaign to outlaw slavery everywhere; will the United States be remembered as the champion of homosexual rights?  No wonder some foreigners see us as another Babylon.  If God isn’t punishing us now, He will soon.

Secretary Kerry:  US deeply concerned by Nigeria’s enactment of the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act

Over on Free Republic, one of the “Freepers” suggested that Kerry must have received a scam e-mail like this:

Dear Mr. Jon Kery

I’m sure you have heard about the new laws in Nigeria pertaining to gay marriage. My uncle was married to a gay person and was worth a lot of money. Right before he was necklaced he gave me his fortune. Now I need a discrete partner to help me get it out of the country as I am a bit odd myself. I thought if I married a gay American I could come to your country and we would split this vast fortune. Please send my your SS number, bank routing number and $1500 to cover our expenses.

Thanks Robert B. Owatanga. (call me Roberta)

Somebody ought to tell Kerry (and President Obama) that gay marriage is not legal in Iran, either.  Then they will drop the nuclear agreement they reached with Iran like a hot potato!

And speaking of potatoes, on Tuesday I read that Kerry met with the Russian Foreign Minister in Paris to discuss Syria.  As a gift, he presented Sergey Lavrov with two potatoes.  When asked about it, Kerry said there is no symbolic meaning behind the spuds.

Kerry presents Russian counterpart with a pair of potatoes

My goodness, the last I heard, Russia has plenty of potatoes!  Obama looked awfully cheap when he gave the British Prime Minister a pack of DVDs that don’t work in the UK.  Or when he gave the Queen an iPod full of his speeches.  Now Kerry has given something even cheaper.  Does the current administration not know how to give good gifts?  I can do better than that, with birthday and Christmas presents!  No doubt the Russians are laughing behind our backs.

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