Brass Monkey Birthday

First, I’ll let everyone know it’s my birthday and get it out of the way.  I didn’t do anything to celebrate, but maybe I will tomorrow; you’ll know why as you read on.  For those who sent me nice birthday wishes, thank you very much.  And because I recently posted Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day cards featuring parrots, here’s a parrot birthday card.  Let’s see if Brin-Brin gets jealous.

parrots birthday card 1-640x480

Today has also been the coldest day since I moved to Kentucky, nearly eight years ago.  This morning it was –5 degrees F., the highest it got was +15 F., and now as I write this, it is down to 10.  Thus, for another day I only went outside to check the mail and take out the garbage; I heard warnings about killer wind-chill factors.  Of course Leive did not go outside at all.  I even brought in the bottled water from the garage, because it got cold enough in there for the water to freeze.  From now on the word “cold” won’t mean to me what it meant before.

On the other side of town, an inmate escaped from jail last Sunday, and on Monday night he got so cold that he called 911 and turned himself back in!  Boy, did he pick a wrong time to break out.

Last night, from about 2 to 5 AM, the heaters in the attic came on and woke us up.  Normally they never run because we get enough rising warm air from the main floor to keep the temperature at least 70 degrees, but it was too cold for even that; I can’t remember the last time the attic heater ran.

Then in the morning I got a bit of a scare when the main furnace in the basement acted up.  From 7 to 9 AM it was short cycling; either the gas didn’t ignite or the blower failed to come on, so it wasn’t heating the house properly.  I also noticed the humidity in the basement fell to a new record low – 12 percent – so that may have been a factor; we had some furnace trouble last April when the humidity was too high.  Twice I reset the furnace by hitting the circuit breaker off and on.  But once the outside temperature got above zero it operated normally again, and is still doing so now.  My guess is that the furnace was not meant to be used at below-zero temperatures, and that kind of cold, forcing it to run 75-80 percent of the time, overtaxed the system.

Fortunately my brother, who lives in Tallahassee, Florida, is not rubbing it in.  He has two reasons to celebrate:  the cold weather he is getting is in the 20s, and Florida State won the Rose Bowl Game.  Although he did not watch the game, he knew how it turned out because a neighbor set off fireworks when it ended, and a line of folks immediately formed at the nearest T-shirt shop to buy shirts saying “Seminoles BSC Champions.”  I’m reminded of a neighbor I used to have in Florida who not only had fireworks for every 4th of July and New Years Day, but also put Seminole lights on his roof instead of Christmas lights (they spelled out “Go Noles” in red and gold).


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