The Polar Vortex is Here

That’s what the weathermen have been calling this winter storm system as it sweeps across the Midwest, bringing record cold temperatures.  And they have even given the storm a name – Hercules.  I guess somebody thought the states in the South were having too much fun with their named hurricanes.  It wasn’t until Hurricane Sandy collided with a winter storm that I heard a name given to the latter.

Anyway, temperatures were mild in the daytime over the weekend; 49 degrees on Saturday and 56 on Sunday.  On Sunday afternoon I replaced a burnt-out light bulb in the garage, and I did it with the garage door open, to make sure I had enough light while I was on the ladder.  Luckily all we got at that time was wind.

The rain began at 5 PM on Sunday, and with temperatures falling, it became snow at 10 PM.  Then it stopped around midnight, with about half an inch accumulated.  So far, so good.  Now let’s see if we can handle the predicted big chill as well.

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