The Arctic Siege


No, this picture was not taken in Alaska or Greenland.  This was taken last Thursday on the Hal Rogers Parkway, in southeastern Kentucky.

While New Year’s Day was all right, we have had some fearsome winter conditions since then.  It started with rain on Thursday, and around noon, the rain started to turn into sleet.  Snow followed, and we ended up getting an inch of the stuff by Friday morning.  On Friday morning it was only six degrees outside, and inside, the top floor was cool enough (68 degrees) that I checked the thermostat to make sure it hadn’t failed.  Of course, when I went out to run errands on Thursday and Friday, Leive did not come with me.

Friday was sunny, so much of the snow melted.  However, we’re not done with this wintry cycle yet.  It was supposed to go down to 19 tonight, but now it is 15 already, with a wind-chill factor lowering it to 10.  Then for Sunday we’re expecting another mixture of rain and snow, and on Monday the high will be only 2 degrees, with temperatures below zero most of the time.  That could be the coldest day since we moved to Kentucky!

Inside, our consolation is that the heating has worked fine so far, and that we’re not getting it as bad as the folks in New York and Boston.  As I write this, the humidity in the basement has fallen to nineteen percent; that’s the lowest it has been since I started paying attention to it.  Finally, our parrot Brin-Brin seems to be the warmest of us, because currently the sun shines directly into his cage in the early morning; I think he likes that.

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